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Jim Greco Crown Coalition Interview

Have a couple photos in Jim Greco’s Crown Coalition interview where he talks about bringing it to the dark slide, The House Of Hammers, and more. Backside noseblunt-slide in LA’s China Town.

Supra X G-Shock It’s About Time

Many times when you’re pitching a project, there’s that magic moment when people pause to visualize exactly what your concept is. By the look in their eyes I can usually tell they’re thinking, “Wow, you’re crazy.” Then we move on and they decide to do a safe interview style video. That’s why when it came to this SUPRA x G-Shock “It’s About Time” collaboration, I was the one thinking, “Wow, you guys are letting us do whatever we want? You’re crazy.” Anyway, the concept was this (plus helicopters)…

To celebrate G-Shock’s 30th anniversary in 2013, SUPRA collaborated with the watchmaker to create the “It’s About Time” watch and Vaider Lite. This short video follows Stevie Williams, Boo Johnson, and Keelan Dadd as they weave through the streets of LA trying to get the shoe and the watch to the anniversary event which begins at 8:13pm (*20:13 in military time). This 20:13 detail appears throughout the video and the collaboration itself—both the back of the watch and the tongue of the Vaider Lite feature a graphic of a clock set to 20:13. Visit our Facebook page to enter the “It’s About Time” Video Contest and a chance to win the “It’s About Time” G-Shock watch and Vaider Lite.

In the end it all worked out amazing and I’ve learned that all our friends are some of the most talented people around when we get the green-light. Big thanks to Keelan Dadd, Boo Johnson, and Stevie Williams for rolling with our crazy concept. And a huge thanks to Grant Schubert, Mike Marasco, Eric Longden, Andrew Clark, Robert Mcintosh, Dennis Martin, Matt
Fontana, Maurice Torres, Tom Carter, and Engine Room Effects for nailing it.

Studio To The Streets: The Hammer

Gent Schubert and I sure had a fun time shooting with Mike Marasco and his Sony FS700 at 240fps breaking glass. Then Dennis Martin nailed it by hooking up Greco footy and bam! We got Studio To The Streets: the Hammer.

Deathwish Premiere Video

Merry Krampus


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